Oil-priming pump МЗН-3 ЕЖАИ.063384

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Предназначен для прокачки маслом двигателей внутреннего сгорания перед их запуском.

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Production capacity, l/min

10, not less

Working Conditions:



МТ-16П GOST 6360-83 and others.

Oil temperature


Oil pressure at pump outlet, kgf/cm2


Oil pressure at pump inlet, kgf/cm2


Electric motor terminals voltage

24 V

Current consumption

41 A, not exceeding

Power capacity of electric motor ДП 112, W


Rated torque of electric motor ДП 112


Operation mode


Service life

8000 starts with metallic brushes replacement, if necessary, and removing of wear debris from the interior of the electric motor after 4000 starts

Operational lifetime

10 years

Weight, kg


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